Mazda Koeru = Mazda CX-6/7?

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 Mazda just announced there will be a production version of the really good looking Koeru concept.
Which, we already knew, since these spy shots have been around for a while.

As you can see, It’ll stay really close to the concept.
Mazda is aiming right at the Subaru Outback with this one. Someone for people who aren’t that crazy about SUVs. People who prefer something lower, something more like a wagon.

As you can see here, they already have that. The Mazda 6 Wagon.
They could have jacked it up a bit. Just like the Outback is a jacked up Legacy wagon.

I guess they won’t.

And why not. That Koeru looked really nice too. So we might not be missing the Mazda 6 wagon anymore…

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  1. Pretty sure the production Koeru will look very much like that Mazda6 wagon, at least in proportion and wheelbase, but with a sportier roofline and shorter overhangs. With Mazda's limited platform and powertrain arsenal, there is little doubt a new CX-7 would be 6-based.. and now that there is a bigger CX-9 platform and turbo 2.5-liter engine available, hopefully a CX-9-based Mazda9 sedan is in the pipeline as well.

  2. I was going to buy something CRV or Outback-like. But I love Mazda and will wait to see what they come out with this year.

  3. The world would love a Mazda9. With AWD and a turbo six, I know I would!

    But America has been given over exclusively to SUVs and full-size pickups by marketers on behalf of CAFE rule-skirting manufacturers, and Europe has recently decided that E+ segment cars are only worth buying from Audi, BMW, and Mercedes. As Vince would say, just too bad.

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