Next Toyota Sienna/Honda Odyssey?

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This was just sent to me. It was taken in the US.
And I am just not sure what it is…

I know it’s not the new Chrysler Town and Country (I thought it was at first)
But the grille, headlights do not match what we have already seen.

Some new Hyundai Minivan? Both the Sienna and Odyssey are due for a new one pretty soon. I guess.

(I will post more pictures of this very soon, so keep checking.)

What do you think?

This is, by the way, the front end of the all new 2017 Chrysler Town and Country.
As you can see, not the same as the one pictured above…

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  1. You can barely see it but it looks like the grille has a chrome strip similar to the new design language of Hondas recently (CRV, Accord, Civic) so I think Odyssey

  2. Toyota. The sliding door is at the base of the rear side window. Hondas have that awful gash along the side for their sliding door.

  3. That is definitely an Odyssey. Btw Vince, that pic you posted of the front end of the Chrysler Town and Country is actually a Chrysler 200, I don't remember where but I saw the whole picture and it is a 200.

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