2017 Buick Verano

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Well, at least the one for the Chinese market.
Not sure yet if GM will pull a “2016 Cruze” on us and design a specific car for the US.
At least, the grille should be different, since our new Lacrosse has a new design. One that matches the Opel grille better. (So it’s now even easier than ever to sell Opels as Buicks in the US)
The interior looks like a small 2017 Lacrosse. And its fine. 
It looks quite upscale in a smaller car actually.
The Verano doesn’t compete with amazing stuff here. Mostly the Acura ILX, with its so so interior.
And the Audi A3, with an also average interior. (But with a much better luxury car image)
 Still, the current Verano is a very nice driving car. The next one should be even better.
Since it’s not a super hot seller in the US, I suspect this is pretty much what we’re getting here later this year.
At least it might be built here, right? Right?

Here are the 2 Cruzes.
The white one is the Chinese model.

Amazing how different they are, really. Makes you even wonder why…

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  1. Since the exterior sort of looks like the 2017 LaCrossse, I say it won't change much when it arrives in the U.S. market.

    I'm not digging the fake wood trim in the interior. They need to replace it with something more appealing.

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