2017 Chrysler Pacifica

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 That’s right. The Town & Country is dead.
I guess it sounded too old timey for “new Chrysler”

It looks fine. But not amazing. ( I think the new Kia Sedona does look much better, especially inside)
That chrome window surrounding looks pretty thick.
And the interior, at least in the version pictured above, has some weird red trim that just shouldn’t be in a car (Just like that awful gold trim in the 200)

Otherwise, the whole thing looks like a Minivan version of the Chrysler 200. Which is OK.

It is powered by their usual 3.6 Liter V6 with 287HP.
But there is a very interesting plug-in Hybrid model now.
It has the same V6 plus an electric motor. And can do about 30 miles on EV mode.
Which is actually pretty good. Better than most plug-in cars. And almost as much as the “old”

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  1. Vince,

    I disagree with you for once. This minivan looks way better than Kia's Sedona. The rear glass treatment is great, and that character line coming-up from the fog lights and then back to the rear is really nice and different. I find thew Sedona quite forgettable by comparison.

    I can't imagine why they named it after one of Chrysler's biggest flops instead of sticking with the T&C badge.

  2. I like the style, looks very European. The Sedona is probably better looking, but I'm sure the new Pacifica is the more usable van.

    Can't figure why they'd dust of the Pacifica name, though. It has no heritage and was last on a mediocre crossover.

  3. Ok.

    There's a lot to like here. I'm particularly fond of the design of the D-pillar. The interior looks lovely as well.

  4. I like it a lot. Much better than what I was expecting from the spy photos. I always liked the utility and versatility of the interiors of the T&C and this takes it a few steps further in more style. I actually like the name too, it has a younger vibe to it than Town and Country. Personally after having 4 minivans, I would prefer something more utilitarian (vinyl seats, darker interior, even a bench seat up front so you can carry 3 if you have the back filled) but I think this will make a lot more Oddesy and Siena buyers look at Chrysler.

  5. Sienna….Sedona…..Pacifica. Joining them with style. Something Chrysler does right every 20 years or so. I think this will be a big winner for them. I'm ok with the name change as there actually IS history with it too. This name/alpha-numeric mix within the lineups of Chrysler, Lincoln, and Cadillac is still annoying though. My question is this….no more Ram C/V? Either they think the Promaster City and Promaster are enough or they will keep the old Panel Grand Caravan around for all eternity.

    – Fusioptimasx

  6. This is a much more substantial vehicle than the minivan it replaces.

    What I haven't heard from Chrysler is something that matters to minivan buyers. Durability. If you look at a five year old Chrysler, they all look like jalopies and are sold for next to nothing on the used market. In upscale areas on Long Island, no one buys them new, but Chrysler minivans with misaligned aftermarket HID headlamps are the default vehicle for undocumented dayworkers. It's even worse for five year old Kias, which is why no one buys them even though they look okay when new. If you look at a five or ten year old Odyssey, Hondas deteriorate at a much slower pace. Chrysler will continue to lose market share to Honda and Toyota until they start using higher quality materials. So it'll take some time to see whether these new minivans have what it takes.

  7. No one noticed that the Chrysler Pacifica does not resemble unveiled spy photos earlier?

    Where is the shifter between the two front seats? The center console is not the same… What do you think?

  8. My comment was deleted, why?

    Chrysler RULES, no matter all the crap said by anonymous, the van is sharp looking, best in class, and the best is that it is a CHRYSLER.



  9. January 12, 2016 at 8:19 AM You're dead wrong. Those old Chrysler minivans you think are 5-10 years old are more likely 30 years old with a half million miles or more on the odometer. I've had 6 Chrysler minivans since 1985 and they all went way over 100k miles and none had any rust whatsoever–the last one I traded at 240,000 miles and then only because it had been hit twice, looked bad with all the dents, and the new ones had better crash test results. As for this new one?– ABSOLUTELY ASTONISHING ! I most like the improvements that made the stow-n-go seats both faster & easier to stow; and more comfortable (& luxurious) to ride in. WHEN CAN I GET ONE !!!?

  10. I actually thought it was time to bring the Pacifica name back, on something more like a Ford Flex, maybe on the LY platform. But on this vehicle isn't bad either. Quite handsome place to spend your days.

  11. Almost 300 HP and STILL 28 MPG !!! No other minivan can touch that (not the power, not the torque, not the fuel efficiency — except for Chrysler's OTHER new minivan — the 80 MPG Pacifica Hybrid. And the Hybrid has the same interior volume as the gas Pacifica (which is more room than you'll have in ANY Oddessy, Sienna or Kia! More power, more room, better mileage, and available features like a real leather dash, automatic braking, and self-parking in both parallel and perpendicular. WHAT'S NOT TO LIKE !?

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