2017 Fiat Punto

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So it looks like Marchionne is not killing Fiat. (Just Chrysler and Dodge…)

There is finally a new Punto coming up. The current model (The green one) has been out since 2005!
And still looks fine. (That’s what a good, simple Italian design does: it lasts)

The interesting thing in these pictures? They were taken in the US.
(Obviously, with the new Chevrolet Spark on the same train)

So, does it mean the next Punto will be added to Fiat’s US line up?
It doesn’t have the 500 round headlights, so they can’t call it “500 Something”.

I think it would be nice to see more Fiat models in the US.
Why not.

But let’s just hope it doesn’t mean killing Chrysler. Or selling it off to a Chinese company…

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  1. Given that the Dart and 200 are being killed off, I would assume those gaps will be filled with Fiat products. Good luck with that…..

  2. I thought Fiat was designated as the "500" brand in the U.S., which means that all of it products would have to be visible extensions of established "500" styling (and it appears as though this next gen Punto probably won't have "500" design cues). Fiat is essentially supposed to be FCA's "Mini" (which is ridiculous since Fiat doesn't have the same market perception as Mini).

    If Fiat intends on offering the Tipo line (sedan, hatchback, and wagon; none of which have "500" design cues) or this new gen Punto (I doubt Fiat retains that name) in the U.S., which brand would offer them? I know FCA has never indicated that it would offer either of them here, but it is interesting to think about how it would be executed.

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