2017 Ford Fusion

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The model pictured above is the new Sport version.
It comes with a 2.7 Liter Turbo V6 with 325HP and AWD.
I really like the Fusion. I think it is one of the very best mid size car available in the US.
It drives and looks great. (It also has a more European feel than any VWs sold here.)
The changes to the front and rear do not ruin the great design. Thank God.
Inside, it looks like the main change is in the center console. Where the shifter has now disappeared.

 Here are a couple of pictures of the current version.
So we can all remember the recent past…

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  1. This was pretty much a no brainer, since this drivetrain is already in the Edge. A slight disappointment that they didn't go for broke and build an ST or SHO, but 325hp still beats everyone else by a good margin.

  2. Ok.

    Why mess with success? And it's nice to see a car called "Sport" that actually has some "sport" in it. I'm looking at you, Honda Accord "Sport"…

  3. Damn. 325 horse TT V-6 and AWD? That changes everything in this market. Sad to see no shifter (and obviously no stick), but this car is now on my list. Hope the price is right.

    To think GM had a similar package in the Insignia OPC but wouldn't bring it over here as a Regal, smh…

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