2017 Honda Ridgeline

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This, is very sad and crappy…

I mean really. What were they thinking???
The Ridgeline was a “truck” for people who don’t need or want the usual pick up. Something different.
Now, it is still car based. But tries really hard to look like a real truck.
And actually ends up looking more boring and old than any other pick up available.
(And it’s not even out yet)

Who is this for now???

It doesn’t look much roomier than the GMC Canyon I drove a while ago.
The Canyon looks 100 times better than this. I also observed 17/28 MPG with the V6 Canyon.
I doubt the Honda will do much better (Although I have to admit, it will probably be faster and smoother)
I really hope they lose money on this one.

There is really no excuse for crap like this in 2016…

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  1. I have a list of clients waiting for this vehicle. They can't wait to purchase one. When I hold gross on each one I sell, I'll be smiling when I look at my bank account balance.

  2. So, after not visiting your site for about two years now I see that nothing has changed.

    Still rife with typos and crap writing.

  3. Looks great! perfect for what most people will use it for. perfect for carrying other Hondas in the bed

  4. This is exactly the truck Honda buyers are looking for.
    I agree that its style is a bit bland, but that is what Honda is known for, something that blends in.
    I think you might be overreacting a bit to this one. The Black Edition looks pretty nice.

  5. bit of an over-reaction Vinny. This thing is perfectly fine.

    Not everyone sees themselves as shit kicking country star.

  6. I was never a fan of the previous one but at least it had a little character to set it apart. If not for the hideous face that Honda is putting on all their models, it would be hard to tell it from any other brand.

  7. Extremely Disappointing. I was expecting so much more. The past version stood alone in appearance. This one blends in with the rest of the Field.

  8. Vin your such a negative person. Most of your comments towards Honda is just that. Who is it for? Honda buyers. DUH! I'm sure that is just too much for you comprehend.

  9. as a competitor, selling a better product, I am very happy to see this. It's like the competition put a troll into Honda to ensure ugly, goofy designs…

  10. It doesn't have to be better than, or even half as good as, the segment leaders (Canyon, Colorado). It will only draw interest from the "I buy only Asian cars" crowd in any event. And yes, it is better than Tacoma–one whole heck of a lot better.

  11. you are fucking insane, Burlap. This thing is 100 times better looking that the first Ridgeline crapwagon.

    What do you think they should do? Make it look like a spaceship? A semi tractor? No. It's just a light duty pickup, thats it. C'mpon man.

  12. I think it's a good effort for a little company like Honda. After all, Honda is a small company with limited resources and limited product offering; sort of a modern-day American Motors–but Japanese. It will give them an offering in a market they have never competed in before — small pickups. (Ridgeline was an odd curiosity–not a little truck!)

  13. The styling conceit of trying to make people believe the bed is actually a separate part of the vehicle by adding that useless vertical cutline behind the rear doors is enough to turn me off to this. Might as well just slap Prius taillights on the CR-Z.

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