2017 Hyundai IONIQ already looks 1000 times better than the new Prius.

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I mean really, just look at it.
I mean I am usually not that “anti Prius”. I just hate ugly things.
Toyota is always trying way too hard. They are so afraid of being labeled “boring”.
The Hyundai could have looked a bit more futuristic. Sure. But at least it’s tasteful.
I really hope it steals sales from the Prius.

 Same thing inside. The IONIQ interior isn’t futuristic, but at least, the console doesn’t look like a bathtub.
With a hybrid, plug-in and pure EV versions, I predict this will do really, really well.
Low gas prices or not.
(You would have to be stupid to think gas prices will stay the way they are now. )

It just seems to be a very nice car. One that can compete with the Prius, Volt and Leaf at the same time.

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  1. You are adorable, Vince!
    No, seriously, we do realize that you are getting paid for bashing Toyotas and Hondas… the real question is, how much?

  2. Dude, looks like a watered down Prius copy to me right down to the Murai/Prius front DRLs/scoops and the split glass tailgate. Can I check you know what Murai is and what are DRLs?

  3. Vince….dude. Looks like a more boring Prius copy from the Murai/Prius esque DRLs/front scoops right through to the split glass tailgate! Can I just check you know what a Murai is and what are DRLs?

  4. The answer is not enough. Toyota's are fugly now, especially this eyesore. Vince doesn't bash Hondas. In fact I recall a few recent post where be acclaimed their styling progress. I believe you're painting yourself into a corner here.

  5. Seeing a prius in traffic makes my skin crawl. Toyota has clearly gotten a lot of momentum from customers who have very bad taste. It's possible to design a car that looks different and also attractive (i3, Tesla Model S, Volt.) But Toyota can't seem to do that.

  6. toyota is a real shitty company, that hid from safety recalls etc. they, more than VW should be out of business. Plus the cars are ugly as sin and have fallen off the quality radar a long time ago.

  7. NO, Vince, the IONIQ does not look 1000 times better than the Prius.

    It looks 10,000 times better!!!!!!

  8. Fore shure Toyota had the best technology but they will loose client without decent design: will be so simple call some italian designer… The world could be Toyota

  9. Toyota and its designers should be ashamed to put out such a visual disaster! Although derivative, the Hyundai at least makes sense aesthetically.

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