2017 Lincoln Continental

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I hate to say, but I can’t imagine anyone buying this. Except car rental companies…

But, I am one of these who didn’t like the concept anyway.
I really think this is a wrong direction for Lincoln. That front end is horrible (Even worse on the slick MKZ) But the whole thing is so bland.
And of course, currently, Lincoln has zero image in the luxury car business.

I really like their new crossovers like the MKX. And they do have a great interior.
But this looks very sad. Something on one will ever notice.
I mean, imagine anyone considering this over an Audi, Lexus. Or even Infiniti and Acura.

They either should have gone retro/big with a large sedan inspired by the real Continental.
Or really futuristic.

This is just a big bowl of blah…

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  1. The devil will be in the details. Is the size right (the Cadillac XTS shows how the width can go wrong), is the detailing right, the interior? We will see really soon. Most of the luxury brands seem to be struggling with styling lately, with only Mercedes having success at the moment.

    I'm still a little confused as to what class this car will be in.

  2. I have mixed feelings about this. I'm ok with its looks, but it does blend in too much now. I thought the 2013 MKZ was the start of going in the right direction as far as a brand identity. They finally got the split wing grill right…then they throw it in the trash. However it will still be around until 2020 as the MKC and MKX are still relatively new. The MKZ's front looks good, but doesn't fit the streamlined look of the rest of the car versus before the refresh. It had some elegance to it, but now it's more in your face. So where is Lincoln going now? Back to names? I'm confused that the MKZ wasn't changed back to Zephyr. It would actually be fitting as they also changed the name in the middle of the first gen's run.

  3. Jeez, Vince. All of that hate over a fuzzy, blurry picture?

    A bit premature to judge the styling, don't you think? Let's wait until we see real photographs before we decide…

  4. Vince, I think you're being too hard on this car. It competes with the Q70(a nice car), the CT6(a not so nice car), the Acura RLX(a not so nice car), the Kia Cadenza(which looks to be a great car), and the upcoming Genesis G90(the best car in this segment). It's in the budget luxury large sedan market, which is not only a growing market, but a booming one overseas.

    You can't argue that the entry-level Audi A8 is a more attractive car. Neither is an entry level XJ. Or even an entry-level 7-series. The top-of-the-line Continental will be a much better car than any of those cars.

    The exterior of this car is just fine. Where it will be graded most highly will be in its interior and the tech and performance details of this car, and that is where this car will fail, especially its underwhelming, 20,000 interior.

  5. I fully expect the excitement of the concept to be lost, and the production vehicle to be completely mediocre. From these pictures, important concept car details are gone.

  6. I am not saying this won't be a good car. I actually really like pretty much every current Ford cars I have driven.

    So I am sure this will drive really nice. BUT….
    Lincoln has zero image. One way to get out of this rot is stunning style. Which this doesn't have.
    Their current SUVs look great. That front end was horrible on the concept and it is even worse here.

    Again, I cannot imagine people actually spending money on this.

  7. Just kill the brand already. This turd has got to be the last nail in Lincoln's coffin. Send all of those pompous Limey designers back to England and focus Ford on what they set out to do when feisty Jacques Nasser left- get back to basics.

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