All new Toyota Yaris sedan

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No, this isn’t the Scion iA.
And it isn’t the Mazda2 sedan either…
It is Toyota’s new idea of selling the iA in Canada. So they just renamed it “Yaris Sedan”.
Since it is still a Mazda2 with an ugly front end, it actually has nothing to do with the regular Yaris hatchback. Nothing, except the name.
Why not, I guess…

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  1. No joke. That is literally the ugliest car I have ever seen. Worse than the Pontiac Aztek.

  2. Wow, that front end really kills what otherwise is a nice design for a small car. But compared to the new Prius, it is not sp bad.

  3. As a Canadian, I would have preferred to see this as a Mazda2. The Yaris has done very well here to date, not sure why Toyota would take this kind of risk. It's even more horrible in person.

  4. I think it's just a little ahead of the Mazda 2 hatch (Yaris Hatchback) we will be getting soon. I always though it was odd that the current gen Yaris didn't have a sedan counterpart. They decided to just split the lineup in the US…same with the Corolla and iMatrix.

  5. Here in Vancouver Canada we pay thru the nose for gasoline, actually the highest prices in North America. I have read about 7-8 road test reviews on this ''mazda-Yaris'' and they all praise the peppy engine (106 HP), good ride and handling with a choice of 6 speed manual or 6 speed auto transmission. This car gets great gas mileage , seats 4 comfortably and should be Toyota reliable. There are many buyers out there who think this type of vehicle is perfect as a first time car purchase or as a second vehicle. The toyota Canada websites states the starting price is about $17,000 . It will sell very well here.

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