Another Buick coupe Concept coming up…

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 Very soon. Could even be tomorrow.

Over the past years, Buick has shown quite a few 2 door concepts (2 of the most recent ones pictured above)
But none of them has ever made it into production. The only current 2 door Buick is the all new Cascada. Which is actually an Opel, so it doesn’t cost them a fortune to bring it over here.

This one is rumored to be “Camaro sized”. So maybe it is even based on the new Camaro/ATS?
Who knows….

This is what they showed us last year. the gorgeous Avenir Concept

A year later, we have this. The new Lacrosse.
A fine looking car. But it’s no Avenir…

So I do expect a really great looking coupe concept tomorrow.
But I’m not sure about next year’s production version… (If there is one)

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