Cadillac CT6 Plug-In, coming soon. From China

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That’s right..

GM has announced that, while the regular versions of the CT6 will be built in the US, the Plug-In Hybrid version will be exclusively built in China.
Even the ones sold in the US.

Pretty amazing, and I must say, sad. Cadillac is pretty much the most American of brands.
After the Buick Envision, GM is now getting ready to sell us Chinese made Cadillacs.
(They have already said that most Buicks won’t be coming from the US within a few short years)

I guess, in a little while, it won’t actually matter where things come from. We are already there with electronics where no one cars if every single one of them comes from China regardless of the brand.
So maybe there is nothing we can do about this.

I just feel sorry for the Cadillac workers. Who I am sure were pretty proud of putting together cars for such a legendary brand.
And also sad for GM. who doesn’t seem to care.
But again, who really cares anymore…

On another note, I really don’t think the CT6 in general will have much of an impact. I sat in the Plug in version, and, as I mentioned a few weeks ago, the interior is shockingly crappy.
Not only worse than any of the competition, but worse than existing Cadillac models like the CTS or XTS.

Not a good trend…

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  1. First Buicks, now Cadillacs built exclusively in China? Chrysler (FCA) moves it's headquarters (and complimentary highest-paying jobs) to The Netherlands? All becasue of high corporate taxes in the US? How's that "tax the Big Corporations to death" working for you, America? Maybe it's time for your politicians to stop digging–it's not getting your economy out of that hole!

  2. the CT6 seems like a real mis-step for Cadillac. The styling is invisible. It doesn't quite fit into any existing segment. The interior is drab – certainly not competitive with the 7-series and S-Class with which is supposedly is intended to compete. And now we learn some of them will be imported from China. Not exactly the formula for creating positive buzz or premium aura for your brand. More like a stigma. Maybe thats what it should have been called: The New Cadillac Stigma.

  3. Greetings!

    People should vote with their wallets.
    If a brand is closing factories in your hometown and selling the same product built elsewhere, just because of bigger profits, buy from another company.

    A Hyundai built in America is better for you and your relatives than a Cadillac built in China.

    A car is not a 5$ radio.


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