Mazda CX-4

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Which might also be called the CX-6 or CX-7.

Although I have heard it is mostly based on the Mazda3. So CX-4 would make more sense.
And, who really cares what it is called anyway.

It just looks like another great looking Mazda on the way.

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  1. I love the look of this… just not the Mazda interiors. I get the feeling that the super light ivory and black will wear thing as a design element VERY quickly. A nice gray on black would be a better option or just make the entire seat one color.

  2. I hope it's much quieter than the 6. I was all set on buying a 6 — until I drove it. That left me having to choose between Sonata & Chrysler 200. Tough choice.

  3. I agree it is good looking, but I really hate the gun slit windows that are common on so many cards and SUVs. it's hard enough to be on the lookout for other cars, but now you have big B and C pillars blocking your view, along with small windows.
    So even though I like looking at these vehicles, for my personal driving I much, much prefer big blocky vehicles with big windows, e.g. Honda Pilot. GMC Yukon.

  4. It is supposedly based on the 3 platform, which also spawned the CX-5.. so this would make most sense to be called CX-7, since it will be larger and pricier than the CX-5 but actually smaller/less usable inside (just like the original CX-7, if you think about it..).

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