No Future for the Avenir

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You can stop dreaming.

Buick said there will not be a production version of the amazing Avenir concept from last year.
The 2017 Lacrosse is the closest thing we’ll get…

Sad, but realistic. Since the Avenir would have been built on the same platform as the new Cadillac CT6. And it would have killed the CT6.

Cadillac’s sad looking large sedan would have had no chance against this.

And you know what, I predict the same thing will happen with the equally amazing Avista Concept…

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  1. We will probably see them back as styling excercises or adaptations for the all-new Buick Regal (Opel Insignia) due for unveiling this year though, spyshots from Germany indicate so at the least.

  2. I actually respect GM for keeping the Omega platform for Cadillac only. As much sense as it makes to share this one with Buick, they will make up for the tooling and development costs in the SUV/CUV version. Doesn't mean that Buick doesn't deserve a RWD sporty sedan, but perhaps more along the lines of what they may have through up the next Chevy SS to be…

    – FusioptimaSX

  3. Perhaps Cadillac could call it quits with their so-called “arts & science” styling exercise and come up with something akin to what their colleagues at Buick are having. Who knows? They may even end up selling more cars…

  4. GM's problem in a nutshell: Cadillac design has hit a dead-end. It has very limited market appeal and nowhere to go. Buick on the other hand has some some great ideas. But, oops, sorry, you are only for the sub- Caddy segment. And we cannot allow internal competition.

    So we must all suffer.

    Great brand management, morans.

  5. This is the kind of unique style and flowing design the new Lincoln continental should have had. Something different to the german premium crew whilst still having presence and the air of luxury. Not the jaguar blandmobile thing with funny door handles they are about to launch.

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