Opel GT Concept

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From the teaser video we saw just a few days ago, I was expecting “Opel is reinventing itself”. And “don’t miss what happens next”.
Well, that GT Concept is not happening next, I can tell you that much.

There are some interesting things here, for sure. Like the colored windows on the outside, the way the door opens .
But red tires? Really? And that grille where there shouldn’t be one.

This is pretty disappointing. Not because it is not a cool design. But because it’s pretty much a goofball of a car. Something we will never ever see.
And I can’t really imagine this inspiring any future models for Opel.

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  1. I have to respectfully disagree, Vince. I think this is what concept cars are supposed to be. Cars that put extravagant ideas out there which are not meant to reach mass production, just to show what the designers have on their minds and create a visual impact. Too many "concept cars" nowadays are just pre-production cars with large rims and led lights. I also think (hope?) that we may see styling cues from this concept car in future production models

  2. This looks to me like a concept previewing a production model. Take away the red bits and give it convention doors and windows, I could definitely see this making production. There has been Opel GTs before this.

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