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A good old little Mitsubishi Space Gear, in Malibu.

A right hand drive model with Canadian plates (?)
A a diesel engine.

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  1. there was some sort of easier importing of Japanese cars past a certain age in BC years ago, not sure if it's still in effect, tho these don't look like BC plates. i used to see all sorts of unusual cars, like a Nissan S Cargo, and these little 4×4 vans when i still lived in Vancouver.
    likely they drove down the coast to warm and sunny SoCal

  2. I blew that up and did some checking. I am 99% certain those are Oregon plates. Blew it up and traced the slopes of the mountains (perfect match for Oregon) and you can see the tree in the middle when blown up.

    Now, how someone got that registered in Oregon is anyone's guess, but they did.

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