VW Budd-e Concept: 100% VW BS

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This is the all new concept from VW. The one people were saying it would be the next Microbus.
Well… No, it won’t be.

For over 15 years now, VW has teased us about a new version of the Microbus.
But no. There won’t be one. (Their suits are too stupid to realize that’s exactly what they need to be cool again in the US.)

So we have this. Another concept. This time it is showing off yet another new platform.
And it has plenty of BS numbers too! Like a 373 miles range.
Something VW even admit is not possible yet. (so why not claim an even 1000 miles?)
And a 80 % charge in 15 minutes. More BS.
When asked, they even admit they don’t have any supplier that can produce such a battery. Yet…

All this from the company that was selling us “clean diesel” just last year.

Instead of one BS concept after another, how about a couple of cool cars.
Something real people can actually buy. Something better than the ” Passat facelift for 2016″.

That would be nice…

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  1. OK vince, YOU CAN SHUT UP NOW.


    … and jump on the disparaging bandwagon to get people wilded up.

    What they are saying is that done the engineering just like what Tesla did then got Panasonic to make the batteries. VW will do the same.

    The concept will undergo modifications for safety but it will turn out to look neat.
    And they will build it.

  2. At Anonymous January 5, 2016 at 9:40 PM –

    No one should blame Vince for feeling the way he does about this. (And it has NOTHING to do with 'Diesel-gate').

    Like Vince said, VW has shown a Microbus Concept time and time again… And nothing ever happens.

    Why should anyone believe them now?? They get press coverage, they get the public's attention. And then nothing gets produced.

    This time will be no exception.

    You can count on it.

  3. I'm not aure why all the hater-aide Vince, it's a concept. I agree woth you VW teasing the Microbus is getting tired.

    As to them producing something or vehicles people can buy they are a new passat & CC, new tiguan & tourag hybrid & EV tech.

  4. Why is VW so intent on creating a Soul/xB sized box when these designs would be so much better scaled up to people-mover size? At least the Bulli looked like a VW, this could be pretty much anything.

  5. I love the proportion, aesthetic. I'd totally buy it as it apparently represents a sensible vehicle placed between a Transit Connect and a Golf. (I'm eyeballing both). It'll likely have fantastic VW ergonomics/ driving dynamics and a very useable interior volume that small business types such as myself are looking for. I don't care about "Dieselgate." I don't think most others do either. Every damned car company cheats!! They just happened to get caught.

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