2017 Alfa Romeo Giulia

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This is the “regular” 2.0 Liter Turbo version.
Not the crazy Quadrifoglio one with 505HP that no one will buy.

The one above is the one we’ll actually see in the streets.
The same 2.0 Liter Turbo will be available in a bunch of versions, from 180HP all the way to 330HP.

I think it looks a lot better than the Quadrifoglio.
Not amazing, but pretty nice.
The question is, is it nice enough to get people out of their A4 and 3 series…

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  1. IMO it will be difficult to get people out of German cars. But probably out of other alternatives to the German? Or people moving up from smaller cars?

  2. All I see when I look at this car is all the money needed for the next generation of Chrysler's and Dodges being flushed down the toilet of a 30 year pipe dream to make Alfa Romeo something it never was.

  3. That blue one is the luxury trim.And the interior is light beige. Classic Italian color combo.And it looks very elegant.

  4. It looks great, I love the whole package, and I really would like one. Here's the thing. I have a car I would like to replace. My options are the BMW 328i, Cadillac ATS 2.0, and the Alfa. I really would like to do the Caddy, but there are major trade offs to it as opposed to the BMW. The BMW is tried and true.

    But you know what else the BMW is? NOT DELAYED AGAIN!!!!! I'm not sure I can wait until "end of year" yet again. So, sadly, Alfa and the Fiat/Chrysler CEO has promised a great car, but I'm really tired of waiting for it. This also presents another issue…I tend to buy cars every 8-10 years. Who knows how long Alfa is going to stay in the US. By the time I buy my next car after this one, it STILL MAY NEVER BE AN ALFA!

    So basically, FCA, you may have just lost a customer for life.

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