2017 Maserati Levante

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About zero surprise here.
As it just looks like raised up hatchback version of the Ghibli sedan.

No specs have been released yet. Except it will be available with gas and diesel engines.(duh…)
And an 8 speed auto.

It doesn’t really look better, or as good as many other SUVs out there.
I think the current Cayenne looks better than this. (And there’s a brand new one on its way!)

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  1. Isn't it awfully close in design to the infinity ex35? Other than the Maserati grill, nothing about it screams 'Italian design'. Dont know why anyone would pay a premium for this. It';s OK to be anonymous when you are at the top of the ladder, but when you;re a boutique manufacturer shouldn't your design stand out enough so people turn heads when you go by? I would guess that this is going to be over $60k, and who would guess that, other than car guys.

  2. Why does this car look so short in length. Are they trying to make this car for midgets? Or for Snowwhite's 7 dwarfs? I bet the back seat is as useless as the Ghibli. What's the point then? Paying kind of money and you can't even take a friend or two along for the ride?

  3. The wheel wells are disturbing.. what's up with the inner body-color lip, which seems like a quick afterthought, as if they suddenly discovered the real wheels were too small compared to the concept..

  4. it is very nice, however they will charge too much to buy it and service it, and the dealers are arrrrrrroooogant!!!! see Remo Ferri Toronto…and The Nissan Murano is way better looking , and less than half the price.
    plus it should have been here 2 years ago, yes sergio, too slow!!!!!

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