2017 Mercedes C-Class Cabriolet

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 Another great looking Mercedes!

I really like the C-Class coupe. As it really does seem like a smaller S-Class coupe, especially in the flesh.
And it inherit the great interior of the sedan.
So, this is perfect. I think it might be one of the best looking convertible available. With that same great interior. What’s not to love!

As you can see, the rear seat is just OK. But actually fine by convertible standards.
Even the sedan versions doesn’t have that much room back there anyway. So this is fine.

Engines are pretty much the same as the coupe.
A 9 speed auto will be the transmission.

No news on pricing yet… But the Sedan starts at about $39 000.
While the new coupe isn’t available in the US yet. (The old one started at $39 500)
So this won’t be under $45 000.
But it seems like a great alternative to the aging, and not much larger, E Class convertible.
Which starts at over $62 000!

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  1. Totally agree! This MB C-Class Cabriolet looks fantastic! Love the size, design, proportions, interior, and amenities. It really looks as classy as the big S-Class Cabriolet, but at a much more accessible and reasonable price-tag with sensible fuel economy to boot. If I had to buy a MB soft-top, this would be my first pick.

  2. Beautiful car. And BMW and more so Audi should take a note: amazing Mercedes, and not looking like a super conservative evolution of the previous generation (A4, 7 series). This is how it is done….

  3. Cute, but waaaaaay too tiny for people over 4'7". (Like most Americans) So I assume this will be only for the Chinese market.

  4. Is this supposed to be some kind of a racist joke??
    Or just another plain idiotic comment about convertibles being too small for "regular sized americans".

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