2017 Nissan Armada

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  As you can see, now the Armada is just an Infiniti QX80 with less chrome and wood.
(Which itself is a Nissan Patrol with more chrome and wood…)

So basically, this is the japanese version of the Tahow/Escalade routine.
Which, I guess, does make business sense.

Plus, big trucks sales are up. (Since idiots always think gas prices will be staying low for the duration of their 5 or 7 year car loan)

Although inside, they didn’t even try as hard as GM.
Now the Infiniti and Nissan models are exactly the same. Except, of course, with less wood on the Nissan. (Not that much less actually)

I just wonder who will ever buy the “slightly weirder” Infiniti over this.
I mean, it’s not like the Infiniti brand adds that much of a cachet over the Nissan name.

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  1. Nissan really should hire some designers above the age of 7 to design their SUVs. As if this barge doesn't sell poorly enough for Infiniti, they decided it was a brilliant idea to let Nissan have it.

  2. love this vehicle. I have always admired the Infiniti QX80 at car shows, parking lots etc….I will be a very interested buyer for the Armada. The interiors are incredible.

  3. in a world of range rovers, lexus big suvs and cadillac suvs, i feel that nissan will do fairly well with this . If its at the current armada price point, and Nissan has hinyed that is the case, i feel this will be one of the better choices out there. Pedigree – Nissan Patrol used by Saudi Royals, Infiniti refined, Nissan Armada cannot lose. A very well proportioned vehicle thats bigger than it seems. Extremely opulent and whisper quiet interiors and a real solid full frame with history. This Luxury lear Jet can also offroad!

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