2017 Toyota C-HR

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 After a few years of showing us cool concepts (even one as a Scion), Toyota is finally showing the production version of the small C-HR SUV/crossover thingy.

Of course, development of this started back when the Nissan Juke was the only game in town. And it shows.
Since, we now have more more tasteful design available in that segment. Like the Fiat 500X, Honda HR-V or Mazda CX3.

So I think this will still be mainly a Juke competitor.
The main attraction here will be the Hybrid power train.
It is smaller than the all new Kia Niro, but could still compete against it.

I guess it might use the power train from the tiny Prius C. Or an updated version of it.
It might actually be killing the Prius C. Since Toyota has been saying they don’t see much future for a whole Prius family anymore.
And the new Hybrid version of the Rav4 could very well replace the Prius V.

Here is what it looks like ext to the 2 previous concepts versions.

Even without the big wheels, it’s been toned down. Way down…
It looks quite heavy and clumsy now…

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  1. Yikes – there's a lot going on there, not to mention minimal side vision for rear passengers and a humdinger of a blindspot.

  2. Wow.. for once I can actually say it's too close to the concept.. Toyota finally gets to jump into the small SUV market it could easily dominate (especially after sparing it the sales-killing Scion brand baggage), and they put out the most polarizing, least useful product in the class? Something tells me it will still sell.. but it seems Toyota and Lexus are purposely uglifying their designs in order to tamp down demand!

  3. I think this will sell very well while killing Yaris 3 door (which is a shame as it's the only 3 door hatch left in the us) and Prius C. Lovely how none of Toyota's CUVs and SUVs don't have any similar naming convention: C-HR, RAV4, 4Runner, Highlander, quoia, and Land Cruiser.

  4. For once the translation from concept to production isn't lost. It's way less ugly than a Juke (which of course is about to be replaced), but looks less practical than the other small CUVs. The hybrid powertrain will be unique in the segment, but the styling signals performance, so a slow Prius C drivetrain would be a disappointment.

  5. The lower rear deck on the production version takes away the sporty fast appearance of the concept. It does look clumsy and more dorky now.

  6. I beg to differ in that the production version looks much better than the concept version…..also, it appears the production version is more practical vehicle.

    Will Lexus use this as their next CUV? I certainly hope so !

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