All new Kia Optima SportsWagon

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What a good looking wagon this is. Really.

The current Optima is not as original as the previous one, which is too bad. But it does look really good in real life.
So this should be great.

A slightly raised up AWD version of this would look so much better than the heavy handed, blocky Subaru Outback.
Just imagine. And it even has a glass roof option.

But.. Of course, just like everyone else, Kia would rather sell us “higher profit  margin” SUVs.
So chances to see this in the US are slim at best.
About the same as the also gorgeous Mazda6 Wagon…

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  1. What will Honda and Toyota say if this hits the US and is a success? They need to stop blaming poor product design on their customers. I've been waiting for a midsize AWD wagon, not a SUV, larger than the outback.

  2. Yet another pinched rear window architecture. Why is that? Compared to classic designs the tiny back window makes a wagon/SUV look constipated.

    Almost as bad as Toyota/Lexus Carp mouth. Just…stop.

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