All new VW Phideon

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That is quite a surprise…

An all new VW sedan. Positioned between the Passat and the “aging” Phaeton.
For now, this is mostly for the Chinese market.
Although it is presented at the Geneva auto show.

Here are the official words from VW. Trying to explain the car:

” This innovative and luxurious four door car is positioned above the Passat, and thus in the premium segment”… Okay…
Wait, there is more:
“This avant-garde model, designed in Europe for our style-conscious Chinese customers, was born”
It is said to have the new face of upcoming VW sedans, and, wait for this … has a  “Powerful rear section”
Now, THAT has to be the best “PR BS” quote ever…
Even with all these fancy descriptions, it just looks like a big 2011 Jetta with a stupid name…

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  1. It is a brand with a junkie image. Large and upscale cars are not their thing. Small cars catering to youngsters who do not mind electrical and drivetrain problems should continue being their focus. Remember the …..smashing success of the Phaeton when they introduced it?

  2. Proportion-wise, this looks very much like being based on a current gen A8 (except for the d-pillar). This must be a China-only car – noone in Germany would buy this.

  3. I'm aphraid I don't phully phathom the philosophy behind the Phideon.

    Are we to phorget the phailed Phaeton? Phrankly, I don't pheel there will be too man phans of this opherring.

    Consider me bephuddled.

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