Aston Martin DB11

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 Once again, Aston Martin does not disappoint.
This is a stunning looking car. As it should be.

Not sure about the specs yet, but we are talking about a 5.4 Liter V12. So, plenty of power.
And cachet.

They took a few chances with the design, like their version of the currently popular “floating roof”.
But it seems to be working.

A true Aston Martin for the 21st Century.

Looking at this picture, I can’t help wondering about this non existent front bumper.
I mean, the hood part sticks out more than the lower “bumper” part.
Have regulations changed that much?

Same thing with the rear where the trunk opening seems to stick out further than than the rest of the car. (Which I have seen in countless SUVs over here. And even some hatchbacks)

So they don’t need any bumpers anymore?

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  1. You like the styling? Really?

    I know, I get it was about time that AM got some new cars, but the styling of this car is not a match for the older timeless calssics.
    The new car is way too busy and will age quickly.
    I mean, it's nice. But this sure isn't a classic like the previous generation.

  2. If the price is right, the production numbers are small. Keep them small enough and you don't need to comply with ANY safety regulations: bumpers, crash tests, etc. Which is why you don't ever see crash tests on the Audi A7 or BMW 5GT or 6 or 7 series. (It's one reason I didn't buy a 7 or 5GT in spite of liking them an awful lot! )

  3. Old model looks better. They need to replace the cheap looking black plastic air diffusser in front as soon as possible. Overall to pointy, to many unnecessary accent lines and swoops. This will never be a timeless classic like the orignal.

  4. Agree with Captain Midnight. The DB9, DBS, and Virage look more classy than this new DB11. But that's primarily due to the funky roof treatment on the new design. Maybe we just need to see it in person and more time to get acquainted with the new design aesthetics. I do like the DB11 tail lamp treatment. Looks more unique than the DB9/DBS tails.

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