Fiat Toro “Sport Utility Pick Up”

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So far, they claim this is only for the Brazilian market.
Even though the design screams “Jeep”.

I think Fiat would be stupid to not sell this as a Jeep Pick up in the US.
Ram does need a smaller pick up, but this just looks so much like a Jeep already…

Engines in Brazil are a 1.8 Liter gas or a 2.0 Liter diesel.
So this is probably quite small.

They’ll probably use the 1.6 Liter Turbo and the old “always poorly reviewed” 2.4 Liter for the US market.

I am not a pick up truck person, but I really think there is a growing market for these.

The sad part is that it would be yet another Jeep model.
We are getting only Jeeps. No more Dodges, no more Chryslers….(Except the Minivan)

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  1. They should sell it as a Fiat, which is what it is.

    Fiat is in a rut in the US, with one aging flagship model (500) and 2 "me-too" distorted copies that nobody wants (500L, 500X). A pickup would redefine the brand.

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