Hyundai Ioniq Vs,Toyota Prius

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 It’s that time again. Every time I see new pictures of the Ioniq, I feel like comparing it to the new Prius.

Like I mentioned before, I never disliked the previous generation Prius.
It’s not something I would get for myself, but a few friends of mine have one, and it is OK.
(Even though many car nerds love to hate it.)

But this one is horrible. It is trying way too hard.
It is basically a visual mess, inside and out. And there is no excuse for it.

I mean look at both cars above. One seems confident, the other one is like crazy kid on speed.

 And it’s even worse in the back!

 A tale of two shifters.
 One that looks classy and even quite upscale.
The other one, trying to re-invent the wheel. Ending up looking like a gadget sticking out of a Japanese toilet.

 Nothing to compare here. Since the new Prius doesn’t even offer a sunroof anymore…

Trunk space seems pretty similar. At least on these pictures.
The Prius might have a small advantage here actually. (Its floor seems a bit lower)

Now, Kia just announced their “50MPG Niro Crossover”.
Which is larger and heavier than the Ionic. Yet uses the same power train.
So the Hyundai might even end up being more fuel efficient that the new Prius!

I really think Toyota messed up. And might end up paying the price by seeing former customers switching to other brands.

Plus, this is 2016. There is no excuse for any car to look like that…

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  1. Toyota should have gone more the direction of the NS4 concept they had at the 2012 Detroit Auto show. It had more Tesla lines and would have been a car that buyers sought. Instead they decided to recycle a cheaper global platform and then cover it in highly distressed sheet metal to convince everyone that it was new and innovative. Anyway, the market will decide. Hopefully Toyota will admit this was a mistake and do an emergency redesign. The other 2 Prius models are badly in need of updates as well.

  2. It is truly a shame that Toyota and Lexus realize that their reputation for reliability and value is way more important to their customers than cohesive, attractive styling.. and despite the fact they continue to sell despite their looks, imagine how many more buyers they could potentially attract if they just looked better.

  3. To Eric. The link doesn't seem to work for me. But the pictures on that site don't seem to show a sunroof.
    And, it is a European market car. The sunroof seems to have been taken off the option list for the US…

  4. Vince, the Moonroof is Available on the 3 and 4 Models with the Advanced Technology Package. They don't show up as available in all regions likely due to supply or regional preferences, but they are available.

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