More pictures of the all new 2017 Kia Cadenza/K7

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Looking really nice on these pictures.

The main problem is, no matter how great it is, it is still a $35 000 Kia (2016 model)
And most people aren’t ready for that, still.

But for the non-snobs who can forget about brand image for a minute, this seems great.
I mean, it seems as luxurious as anything for the price.

The current model has been getting good reviews, and this one is supposed to be even better.
Of course it won’t compete with BMW or Mercedes. But I could see this as a less sporty alternative to the Maxima.
Even going against the Lexus ES (Which starts at $39 000)

And I do like the fact that it’s not trying to be sporty.
Most people don’t want “sporty”. An a large sedan they want quiet, solid and luxurious .
This already has a much, much nicer interior than the jaguar XE and XF I saw a few weeks ago.

I wish people could give this car a chance, really.

Now that Hyundai will stop selling the Azera in the US, maybe they’ll spend a bit more advertising money on this…

P.S: Notice how far forward the front seats are (3rd pic).
Giving the fake impression of a ridiculous amount of rear leg room…

Also, the current model is now available for a low $300 a month lease.
A great deal in my opinion…

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  1. Looks nice, but SOOOO similar to the new Volvo S90. Put them up side by side, Vince.

    It's too bad no one buys the Cadenza, but they make great CPO used buys. You can get a 2014 with 20k miles fully loaded for less than $25k – they sticker for $42k.

  2. It is not so much the price, but resale value. In 3 years you would be lucky to get a decent trade in allowance.

  3. Doesn't the Azera outsell the Cadenza by something like 3 to 1? If Hyundai does drop Azera, Kia might have a fighting chance selling the new Cadenza if they rename it K700 to align it with the K900.

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