New Chrysler 200 & 300 commercials.

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These are some of the saddest car commercials I’ve ever seen. I don’t mean to blame the actors. It’s not their fault, really. (Except accepting that job)
But the idea is horrible. The writing should be punished.
Jokes don’t work. You can tell it wants to be funny but it’s not, etc…
The worst.
Plus, we can’t even see the cars?! All they talk about is patriotic/election/fake politics BS.
Not really enough to actually sell a car.
Who is this even for? I mean who wants to buy a new car from two old guys pretending to be the president?!?!

After announcing the premature death of the Chrysler 200, now they advertise it???
Who is going to actually buy one now?

And that poor “5 years old” 300 sedan has no replacement in sight.
They were supposed to be working on a next one based on the new Giulia platform.
But the Alfa has had many troubles lately. (Weird handling, not passing internal crash tests etc…)Due to “Crazy Marchionne”s mandate to come up with a brand new platform in just 2 years.
So now it’s late. Very late…
(Since he blamed the designers for the 200, he’ll probably blame the engineers for he Giulia.)

As I mentioned before, I think Marchionne’s goal is to kill Chrysler/Dodge, and sell Jeep/Ram to someone else. Anyone. As long as they give him money for it.

It is sad to see such lame commercials trying to sell what are very decent cars.
Cars doomed by the crazy guy running the company…

But!. To make everyone feel better, here are some GREAT old timey Chrysler commercials.
Cool cars with a cool actor! And you actually see the car! They were proud of it!

Back when the guy in charge actually cared.

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  1. I think they're being tainted by the success that Toyota (Camry, Corolla, Sienna) and Honda (Accord, Oddity) have had with ads that are "touchy – feely" and barely mention the car. But those ads are targeting people who hate all cars in the first place and would never buy a car if they could get around without one (which unfortunately is the biggest segment of the market these days.) So in effect, Chrysler is chasing the same ball as everybody else. They might be wise to focus harder on a niche — like the niche for people who love cars and actually care how a car is designed, how it handles, how quiet and comfortable it is and how it looks–inside and out. Instead they've fallen to the low level of chasing the ignorant bargain-hunter. A game they can't win in 1-3 model years against the habitual favorites of the indifferent anti-car public. Forget the politics Chrysler. Get back to why you lasted over 75 years in the first place. Taylor your marketing to specific markets–not to a "politically correct" world view. Take the road less traveled and be different, interesting and desirable to those who actually WANT a car — even if they don't NEED it. Those are your loyalists. Loose the loyalists and you lose the game!

  2. I have to disagree with you Vince I thought the vids where funny the 300 is long in the tooth & the 200 made a minor slash but both still sell well. Marchionne is not trying to destroy Chrysler/Dodge/Ram he just has a lot on his plate. He might want to sell-off one of the brands.

  3. You are wrong, Marchione NEVER said that the 200 will be death, the car will continue, he will build hot products and others will be made elsewhere.
    Dodge, and Chrysler will live, they have syill a lot of life.

    Please post my comment, don't ifnore it because I don't agree with you,

    Marchione is smart, he knows what he is doing.

    About the commerdials, guess what, they are already making good for Chrysler, just wait and sales results.

  4. "We have decided to de-focus, from the manufacturing standpoint, to de-focus on the passenger car market. There are two cars in particular, the Dodge Dart and Chrysler 200, which will run their course"
    "There will be a number of things that will be put in place in the next 18 months — things that have been agreed and detailed, that will effectively withdraw the Chrysler 200 and Dodge Dart from the marketplace, for a long period of time, during which we will be continuing discussions with potential partners"

    They're dead. Who in their right mind would partner with Chrysler to keep building those cars??

    He IS an idiot. And not a nice guy. Blaming his own designers by calling them "dummies" for the 200 failure.
    There is no excuse for that.
    He is in this just for the money.

    As for lame commercials boosting sales. I don't think so. What has been boosting sales are the current $7000 (Yes, $7000) you can get off a Chrysler 200 right now.
    And $4500 on the 300.

    Giving away money always works to sell cars.
    They won't make any money, but they'll sell cars. Again, stupid long term policy.
    Again, Marchionne doesn't really care since both brands will go away as soon as he can kill them. Or sell them to a Chinese company.

    So yes, I agree, he does know what he is doing.
    Too bad what is doing is killing these brands….

  5. Vince.

    You most calm down, just think what's behind of it, they already invested tons of money in the 200, they most continue with it, the price to pay by killing the 200 could be very expensive.
    After several researches they already know that SUVS are groing and will keep growing, so he will focus in such vehicles, sedans will not be eliminated, but the will run small compared to SUV's.
    Chrysler will come with new powetrains, new engines, new fours, turbos and supercharged engines, the V8 Hemi will continue, but customer who will want it, will have to pay for it.
    I'm not saying SM is perfect, he just wants to make money, he wants Alfa to be in the market ASAP, he thinks that with Alfa he will compete with BMW , we all know he is not focused now with Chrysler products, he LOVES Jeep, he cares about it.
    I agree with you about blaming desgners for the 200 mistake, he never took a good look at the car until the press said bad words about the 200, main problem has been the 9 speed transmission, they are not out of trouble yet.
    About the Dart, the made same mistakes as always, they rushed it, changed several settings and more, the car was not optioned right, powetrains were wrong, so was the suspension, and now they are paying the price for their mistakes.
    Just see what happened to the Viper in racing, Italian bosses were not happy to see how the Viper was more superior than those Ferraris, so they decided to leave the Viper out of racing, and they never made a true marketing effort to sell it.
    They will now support Alfa in F1 not agree with it.
    Same happened with Nascar, they quit, I don't believe thy don't have money to support Dodge in racing,they are just focused in Alfa and Fiat.

    Ralph most be now frusrated to see what's going on now, the truth is that plans were changed last year, all I jnow is that by 2018 everything will start changing up to 2020
    After 2020 SM will step down, just hope the new one will care more about MOPAR and less about the Italians, I know this is almost impossible, they bought Chrysler to introduce their Italian products.
    SM most give very positive results to the Italians shareholders.

    I miss Mr. Iacoccca, no matter all the mistakes he made, he was a leader, his biggest mistake, he got involved with the aircraft industry, he was not giving to Chrysler what was needed.

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