Nissan Altima Spy shots???

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These were actually taken today, and sent to me by a reader.

It seems really strange for Nissan to camouflage this car, since it is the current 2016 Altima.
I checked everything, and I can’t see anything new.
Maybe a very early mule for the next “all new” model, due out in a couple of years?

What do you think?

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  1. Why camo a mule if the shell is a current model and nothing can be seen? More likely there is a slight mid-refresh styling update, as the have the front, rear, and a few lines inbetween covered.

    Either that or it is some oddball attention-whore who decked out his car to get his fix of "look-at-me's" from people.

  2. not snapped today, there's no snow on ground and its michigan…bs…this is the 2016 which had significant upgrades to be maxima like and its on dealer lots

  3. You are all wrong.
    This was taken this morning by a friend of mine. In Los Angeles.
    Michigan "manufacturer" plates are all over here every day. Since they test many models in the area.

    This is NOT some oddball. And this was NOT taken in Michigan.

  4. Well…my POV is leave the camo on; it makes the refreshed Altima look better.

    Why anyone buy's Nissan products is beyond me:
    – Poor quality
    – Ugly designs
    – Awful dealerships

  5. Maybe the hybrid version is coming back? As mentioned above, I don't see the point in camouflaging a mule if it looks exactly as the current version.

  6. Maybe it's Nissan's answer to the sportier Fusion they showed at NAIAS. The new Fusion Sport has 325hp and AWD, so maybe this will get 300+hp too and AWD.

  7. Agree with you Vince & another commenter that it's probably a mule with either hybrid tech or the next gen Altima tech.

  8. it will be another home run, btw, the nissan president in Canada is an arrogant prick, Christian, and even though there is a new figurehead, he's now calling shots in North America as a whole. He's the next sergio Marchionne, as in falling flat on his face….rude man

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