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I saw it in Malibu a few days ago, driving right behind me.
A couple of days later, it was in Hollywood

Of course, the douchebag behind the wheel was driving like an asshole. Too fast, swerving abruptly. Staring at girls, making sure they’d notice.

I don’t think this is on sale yet. So it could be some Honda guy or a journalist.

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  1. Those are the ugliest wheels I have ever seen. Looks good for a Honda, but not a $150,000 supercar.

  2. Of course, if this was a different badge, like a Ferrari, the comments would be different. That is the value of brand management, in other words brainwashing.

  3. perfect car, great stuff all around, all you weasels are jealous, you are all so transparent.and i sell a competitive brand, so call a spade a spade

    Car= Great
    most posters here= jealous

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