Subaru XV Crosstrek Concept

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 Just like the Crosstrek is a jacked up version of the current Impreza hatchback, this is based on the Impreza Concept we saw last year.
So, still no production model.

Subaru should hurry things up a bit. These concepts look fine, but are getting more and more conservative every month.
By the time they get around to the production version, they will look old.
Still, the car pictured above

As a reminder, this is last year’s concept.
Looking fine. Much more modern and elegant than the current Impreza.
But in a year or two, it’ll look pretty old and boring…
Unless no one else redesigns their cars. 

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  1. Looking good here. I have always liked the XV Crosstrek's design and image, but not its lack of refinement, cheap interior, or weak powertrains. Hope Subaru addresses the shortcomings with this redesign.

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