2017 Acura MDX

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They did it. They finally got rid of that weird “beak/shield” grille they were putting on everything.

And they replaced it by… another ugly design!
I mean what the hell is that??!

And they just added a giant version of their logo on it, to make sure we know what it is.
(That logo is so great looking too….)

This “refreshed” MDX looks even older than last year’s model. It is terrible.

I think it’s time for Acura to give up. Give up on designing their own car.
Call Giugiaro to the rescue ! Anyone but the people they have right now.
And do it fast.

It is basically impossible to find a worst looking SUV for the price, really.
This looks like a cheap eastern european car.

The sad thing is, Acuras are really good cars. They drive really nice and are super reliable.


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  1. Without the beak! Finally! It's not perfect, but I'll take it. I'm very disappointed in the rear though, looks exactly the same.

  2. better grill. acura is lost though, they could have decimated that horrible lexus RX, dumb bastards, what missed opportunity. To be Honest, The Murano trumps them all!!!!!!!

  3. They went back to the old grille shape they had with the first MdX. And they are paying their designers for this?

  4. hire an Italian design house, the world leaders since the beginning of time for fashion, art, and style,( food, women, architecture and everything worth noting)…. it's quite easy, wake up acura…

  5. That grill looks like something we'd find on a Chinese import. Ugly. What is so hard about attractive design? The Japanese are really struggling these days.

  6. It looked better with the beak. This looks like a replacement grill from eBay. Very amateur hour.

  7. "When your designers make a 50k$ SUV into a Hyundai, someone should be losing their job.'

    You're kidding right??? The Santa Fe and Tucson are so much better looking than this! I agree that this Acura sucks, but please come up with a better comparison! And seriously, when was the last time Acura developed a truly got-to have-it vehicle?

  8. has anyone bothered to look at the finer details of this grill? A simple photo from a distance may make one fail to appreciate more subtle design details. True, not flashy, but is flashy what makes a luxury car or is it attention to finer details?

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