2017 Audi Q2

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This looks really nice!
Actually surprising from Audi. It doesn’t look like a clone of the other ones.
And much, much better than the aging Q3.
So yes, there is hope in the world!

Not sure, but it doesn’t look that much shorter than the Q3 either.

And also not sure if we’ll see this in the US or not….
But it goes on sale in Europe this fall.

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  1. yeah, i was thinking the same thing, so much more fresh than anything recently from Audi.
    i did read a report today that there are no plans for this to come to NA, which makes no sense: design, build and market a CUV with no plans to bring to CUV-crazy US and Canada?

  2. Being that the VW Tiguan will grow in length, I don't their would be an obstacle to sell it here?
    Yes, VW may sell a smaller SUV but that will fit a different demographic.

    This would go well against the QX30 soon to be sold here and perhaps the Nissan Quashai (soon to be solder here too?).

  3. I completely disagree, this thing sadly has the front end of the new Datsun cars (google Datsun Go-Cross concept) and that c pillar looks unfinished. Did they ran out of paint or what? This specific color might not look as bad as others, but they look bad. The back lights look like VW's and although they're the same company, I would like to see something different from Audi. I really don't understand what is happening with Audi but in my opinion there's no more creativity in the design department.

  4. On the one hand, it is great to see Audi do something different. On the other hand, that c-pillar is tacky, that stepped-character line is a cool concept but let's be honest, it's a gimmick. And not a fan of the grille treatment.

    Verdict: I'd rather the Q2 looked like a tiny Q5 than this failed experiment.

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