2017 Buick Encore

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Since we saw it’s European Opel clone a few weeks ago, there are no surprises here.
As predicted, it is an Opel Mokka with a Buick grille.
Which is just fine.

The new interior is a big improvement. It makes the old one look quite cartoony.

As for the engine, I am not sure what’s new.
Here is the official PR:
” A unique 1.4 L Turbo with direct injection, more power, more torque and stop/start technology is available on most trims”

So I guess there is more power?
And MPG must be improved with stop/start.

They sold over 67 000 of these last year. Which is pretty good.
While Nissan sold a bit over 27 000 Jukes.
(The Juke’s best year was 2014 with just 38 184 units)

This revised and even more attractive one should do quite well.

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  1. Instead of the traditional 3 portholes on each side, these will be stamped "MADE IN CHINA" on the front door exteriors.

  2. cute, tight, tidy, cool. i wonder what the fit and finish are like and the how the rattles and squeeks will develop. It's a GM after all.

  3. Where did you hear this was going to be made in China? If so, what cars will the present Korean line get? Some Traxs are coming out of Mexico. Of course most Buick sales are in China, and Korean auto workers make fairly high wages.

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