2017 Chevrolet Colorado

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Just got this so I thought I’d share.

(I’m not even sure if this is the US version or not. Really…)

I drove the Colorado a few months ago and was pretty impressed. Except for the anemic V6, it drives great. (I guess the diesel option fixes that)

So it’s good to see GM keeping it fresh.

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  1. It's not the US and Canada's version, it's the international Colorado. But look at the dashboard (on some other pics), the hood shape, everything seems closer to the American version than before. Work done here for our Colorado will benefit them.

  2. Owned a small pickup once — worst vehicle I've ever owned. Compared to a minivan, for instance, these are smaller, noisier, rougher riding, can't tow as much weight, have much much less room in the bed (than a minivan with seats down) are cramped and uncomfortable in the rear seat. And after making all those sacrifices in towing, hauling and comfort– you realize they guzzle gas a LOT faster than a minivan. Take your pick: Colorado, Ranger, Ridgeline, Tacoma, GMC, etc — "They're ALL crap!" …NEVER AGAIN!

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