2017 Chevrolet Sonic

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I always liked the Sonic.
I know it’s not a very popular car. Squeezed in between the Spark and the Cruze.
It’s in a weird position, since the Cruze doesn’t cost that much more.
Although they still sold 64 775 units last year. (About twice as many as the Spark)

The slight updates for the new year are OK. The lights are more “normal” looking.
But also a bit less original.
The only other changes mentioned are small things inside. Like a power seat, larger screen etc.
No big news, inside or out.

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  1. The front end is a big step backwards. In any case, these cars are rentals. Who would buy one of these? With the exception of the Mitsubishi Mirage, every other car in the segment is better than this.

  2. @ Anonymous March 18 10:25 AM… Agreed, though the Fiesta is only slightly better. The Mirage is downright terrifying to drive.. rented one and had to return it within the first hour because it felt like it would shake itself apart on the road. That Focus upgrade was well worth the money!

  3. lol…i enjoy reading people's comments…some things are never good enough. Back when i was 18, my father bought a used 198o yellow 4 dr chevy chevette , automatic-no overdrive, roll up windows, no air conditioner, crappy AM radio, bare bones. He bought it as a second useage family car, but mainly for me to borrow as long as i looked after it and put in gas, did not destroy it. I knew back then it was a slow moving pile of crap with maybe 75 horsepower engine, but i was happy as hell to drive it for 2- 1/2 years and not to take the bus to work. This new and improved Sonic is so much better (30 years later) and i bet many young drivers would love to have a nice new little affordable car with features we once thought were only for luxury cars back in our youth.

  4. This is the best (and most powerful) vehicle in the segment. The Fiesta may look a little more refined but that transmission is garbage. I know first hand because it's also in my Focus. It's sad that they got rid of the digital gauge cluster to "attract" younger buyers, when it was digital for that very purpose. It lost its character and is just change for the sake of change. If anything 2017 should have been a complete redesign, not a late refresh.

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