2017 Mazda CX-4

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 Remember that all new SUV based on the Koeru concept from last year?
The one that has been spied many times in China.
Looking really good too.

Well, it will mostly stay in China. As it will not be sold in Europe.
No news about the US yet. But Mazda would be crazy not to bring this over here.

Ss for the name. Some people thought it was going to be called the CX-6.
Well, no. Here is the proof. It will be the CX-4.

Which means it could be cheaper than the CX-5. A good deal!

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  1. Currently own a Mazda 6, but am really excited about this new model. I love my 6 but ingress and egress are terrible for older or overweight folks and this taller but not too large a vehicle combined with great styling and the usual Mazda safety features and great gas mileage puts it at the top of my list.

    I've read just about everything I could find on this but haven't seen anything specific about what markets it will be sold in. No chance this won't see the US, it's when, not if. But where did you get info that it won't go to Europe.

  2. Its chintzy look bothers me… trying too hard to look cool. Like a woman with too much makeup on… The exterior designs exhibits dishonest and untrue to itself.

  3. With regard to road noise which is a common Mazda complaint (though my M6 really isn't that bad in this regard even with 19"s), I've read that this new model is likely to be the first to use a world class NVH suppression system so that may not be an issue on this and future models. If you want power buy a muscle car or spend twice as much and buy an upmarket crossover.

    As for me I'll stick with great mileage, a plethora of safety features for the price and superior driving dynamics and looks. Mazda recently even outdid Subaru in some tests of its all wheel drive system. No question that while the critics love these cars the public regards them as the Rodney Dangerfield of the auto industry as far as sales are concerned.

  4. I was hoping Mazda would bring the 6-wagon here. But I'd rather have this. I DO think Mazda should continue to pursue better interiors on each model and improve their NVH levels. But overall, I like what Mazda is doing – this is exactly how you get this Honda-customer to defect.

  5. Missed opportunity to cash in on the CX-7 name and actually make this more of an upmarket, SUV-coupe thing.. they could really use something between the CX-5 and much more upmarket CX-9.

  6. this thing is perfect bitches, any complaints, you are obviously a Toyota or honda rep, sick of your own companies weak styling efforts and in toyota's case poor quality to boot!

  7. Will Mazda sedans ever encroach in the territory of 200 horses? Being meek is not sexy, you know.

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