2017 Mazda CX-4

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More picture of the all new CX-4.
Basically, a sportier alternative to the CX-5.

Outside, there seems to be a bit of camouflage left on the chrome window surrounding.
Wheels are quite small, so this could also be a base model.

Inside, it does look really good. In line with recent Mazda designs.

So far, they claim China is the target market for this.
But I wouldn’t surprised if it ends up in the US.

Let’s hope…

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  1. Mazda should definitely bring this to the US. While most are buying SUV's, there is very little in the affordable car range that offers a sporty alternative to the Outback.

  2. I'm confused about the nomenclature.. if this is a sportier version of the CX-5, why would they name it something that sounds lesser? My initial hope was that this would be a jacked-up version of the Mazda6 wagon (and called CX-6 or CX-7), but the name implies it's either a jacked-up Mazda3 or a coupe-like version of the Mazda2-based CX-3. Hopefully a true Mazda6-based CX-7 successor will soon follow.

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