2017 Mercedes GLC Coupe

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Forget that stupid “coupe” name. 
What you see here is the C-Class Hatchback. Slightly raised up.
And I think it looks great.
So we’ll be probably getting the same engines as on the C-Class sedan.
They do mention the new 9 speed Auto ( I think the C-Class still ash the 7 speed. For now at least)
Interestingly enough, there is also a plug-in Hybrid version with an EV range of about 20 miles.
A nice idea, but these days I would think 30 miles would be a minimum. Especially for a higher end brand. 

And.. Why such a tiny sunroof??
Mercedes offers great glass panels on almost all their cars now. (Even the C-Class)
This looks like it’s from an old Infiniti.

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  1. looks kinda cool in that blue loaded model, however this type of design is not spacious for cargo usage. As well, Honda just stopped selling the crosstour and toyoda canned the venza, dead segment.

  2. How stupid do u think the public is? this is no Coupe—- WTF!!!!!! It's a f up of the highest order!

  3. Did they get a good deal on all those spare unsold BMW X4's? The new front end looks mahveous dahlink…

  4. You see what they did with the A-Class/GLA in Europe.. practically identical specifications, but the GLA gets slightly restyled fascias and rear greenhouse for a more SUV look. I can already see this GLC Coupe doubling as a C-Class Grand Touring/Gran Coupe type vehicle in the never-ending MB model proliferation.

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