2017 Nissan Micra

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This is just an illustration, but it looks pretty close to most spy shots I have seen of the car.

The tiny Micra has never been sold in the US. Instead, we get the “roomier but uglier” Versa.
Although the hatchback Note version looks really nice, the sedan still looks like some soviet car from the 80’s.
The Micra and Versa use the same platform, and are pretty similar inside.
The current one is even sold as the Renault Pulse in some countries.

So maybe we’ll get this next one after all.
Who knows…

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  1. I'm just amazed at how fast the c/d pillar styling treatment has spread. To the designers have a conference and set out the styling they are going to introduce across the brands?

    Obviously the Micra mimics the Murano, but we have the Maxima, the new Opel Astra, the Lexus RX, the Maxda CX-3, etc all using a similar design.

  2. Micra…the exact opposite of GULIA. (See the lastest "if emotion made a car" ad for Alfa-Romero?)

  3. I know there's not a lot of profit margin in these small cars, but as long as NIssan is selling them in Canada it should not be tooooo difficult to bring them to the US. I'd actually by one here as my brother has one in Europe and I love driving it around when I visit, much better than a Fiesta, for example. The new design should be an instant hit for American buyers, especially younger buyers. Nissan realizes how important certain vehicles are in their US lineup, like Rogue and such. But their Qashqai is SO MUCH BETTER than the Rogue, what a huge mistake not to have Qashqai in the States. Would have also saved Nissan huge amounts of money in not having to re-engineer body parts, since the tgwo vehicles have virtually nothing interchangable.

  4. Hope it turns out to be true, but so far NIssan US has NOT officially announced it will in fact do so. Nidssan merely "floated" the idea through several auto publications last summer, obviously as a way to gauge public response. Since then Nissan has deflected answers when questions have been raised at auto shows and other official events here in the States.

  5. While Nissan is contemplating bringing the Qashqai and Micra over to the states, they should also consider the Pulsar which would give the Golf and Focus some competition. Even the Tiida is nicer than the Versa Note!

  6. Qashqai coming 100%, this Micra is stunning, tiny Murano.
    Better looking than any small car….and it's a Nissan!!!

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