2017 Subaru Impreza Sedan

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 The production model (Top) is, again, different enough from the recent concept that it pretty much ruins the design.
I mean, the Impreza has been one of the worst looking small sedan for years now.
Everyone is making an effort to stand out a little bit. Improve their design. (Look at the Civic!)

Instead, Subaru is constantly teasing us with decent to great concepts and never ever follows through.
This looks like it came out 10 years ago already. And it’s not even out yet.

Inside, things seem better than before and more upscale.

But nothing we haven’t seen before. Everywhere. From everyone else….


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  1. I agree this looks like a dinosaur. Look at the handbrake, steering wheel and clunky shifter. The exterior styling is a half ass tweak of the current design. Total fail but expected from Subaru.

  2. I actually liked it at first glance. But after a closer look, it looks odd. Almost like Subaru found a thrown out design for a new Acura ILX – after the designer sneezed and realized the swoop after the front fender went south. It just looks odd. I do like the interior. I have a Crosstrek, but think the interior is of high quality, but uninspired! This at least looks like an attempt at a design.

  3. non congruent, dysfunctional, non cohesive, a bloody mess. looks like 5 different, independent designers did it…..yuk!!!! but, very subaru like….as if it was a lada sedan.

  4. Vince, dead on…just SAD!, my local subaru dealer built a new dealership, I'm sure he's wondering why he did that???? LOL hopefully he doesn't jump off a Cliff or weave around a Pilon….lol

  5. They didn't push the envelope with the styling, but it's not as boring and dated as any Volkswagen, or as ugly as a Prius. Still, the concept was not that radical that they couldn't have gotten a little closer.

  6. What a tortured looking mess! WTF is wrong with Japanese designers these days??
    And Vince, unlike you, I think the Civic is a visual mess as well. Have you seen one in the flesh?

    Thankfully, Kia and Hyundai are now producing good looking affordable designs!

  7. Did you expect something else? I mean, the concept car was a copy of the last Impreza concept car, so the production car turns out to be s near copy of the current car. Not a shock, thought they modified the window lube a bit so I guess all the imprezas will look like the WRX now?

  8. Why bother making their cars good looking now? They will have plenty of chances in the next 50 years?

  9. Let's wait to see it in person. Some cars look much better from above(concept.) Probably very few cars look good in a knee-high shot(production.)

  10. If they had just made the concept into the production car = beautiful. However, this thing is a mess.

  11. austin powers with the mole scene, now when you see a suabru say sooobarooo in the same tone, hilarious joke of a company

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