2017 Subaru Impreza

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The first official teaser of the production model is the picture above.
The other one is that concept they’ve been showing us.

As you can see, the “tone down” machine is still working over time at Subaru.
The cool headlights are already gone.  ( I guess they haven’t heard of LED headlights yet)

So. Just like last time, don’t expect much from the “all new” Impreza”.
The previous generation was a huge let down compared to the concept version. And so was the current Legacy sedan.

It’s getting sad…

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  1. look, Subaru is inferior to mazda and Nissan AWD systems, their styling is abysmal and they are owned by a company that had more safety recalls than any company in history….yes cheating toyota. Nothing therefore, screams buy a subaru, to be exact its the opposite.

  2. Vince, this shouldn't surprise you at all, this is something Subaru does all the time! I really wasn't expecting anything remotely close to the concept. On he other hand, did they copy that headlight straight from an Infiniti Q50?

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