2017 Toyota CH-R

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Just one more picture of the all new small CH-R crossover.
I think it does look really nice.
I am really curious about seeing the interior.

That pic comes from Instagram. (jdmspiritturkey) 

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  1. There should be another–more accurate–name for these tiny hatchbacks. They aren't really "cars" in the sense of a LaCross or 300 (or even 200 or Sonata!) And they REALLY aren't "Automobiles" They also are too tiny & ugly to be CUV's. Maybe we could call them "enclosed carts" (To hint at their "golf cart" size, lack of utility, bumpy & noisy ride and lack of protection in any kind of accident. Personally I LITERALLY don't fit in any of them, so of course I'm a bit prejudiced. I don't like ANY of these generic "egg" cars and would never consider them even as a golf cart (except for convertables like the BMW 2 'vert or C-class vert which actually would work well on the golf course (with bigger balloon tyres, of course!)

  2. the styling is not for me, but im in my late 40's. I can see this vehicle selling well if the price is reasonBLE and good content/ value offered. Lots of younger drivers looking for some excitement in their vehicles, but also functionality…hence the Honda HRV, MAzda CX3'S, NIssan Jukes, Crosstreks. And Toyta needs to be less conservative/dull/safe and needs this new toyota to keep and attract more young buyers.

  3. Sitting in that back seat looks like it will be a prison. Good luck with a child opening that rear door on the outside.

  4. The rims look like they belong on a Sidekick, but it looks like everything else coming from the brand.

  5. scion, toyota, what will they call it next week ????, this company has lost all respect, sales will drop….

  6. Look at that freaking door handle at the top rear corner of the rear door. Practically on the roof!! Straight up Juke rip off. I drive a juke and I'm 38. I'm on my 2nd one. Yeah it's funky looking but it's fun to drive and that's all I care about.

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