2017 Toyota Corolla

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The Corolla gets a new front end for the new year.
And it’s just fine. Inside it looks like the changes are limited to a larger screen.
Which is also fine.

I think the current generation looks OK. It has more style than before, without scaring anyone.
(Like the new Civic which might have gone a bit too far)
And, it is still a best seller.
They moved over 363 000 of them last year!

So you can see why they’re not going nuts with changes.

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  1. However lots of fleet sales here unlike Civic… It's your popular rental car.

    I think the Civic design is lot nicer than this but Lexus went bit further imo with their RX and Prius designs. So seems they go both ways.

  2. They sell because they are incredibly inexpensive, and there are endless cash-on-the-hood "Toyotathons" to help coax people into them, not because it's a decent car. With all the L and LE Corollas with plastic hubcaps on the road, Toyota must be giving them away to every subprime buyer and rental fleet. I would love to know the average transaction price between a Corolla and a new Focus. I was shocked at the prices of a well optioned Focus. I suspect that the average price of those are considerably higher than the Corolla. Toyota is able to sell this crap because they don't charge much for it.

  3. They sell because they are cheap, extremely reliable, not bad looking, and give to those without money solid transportation.

  4. Looks like they are adapting the iM's dash design into the Corolla now. Both look the same to most people but there are differences, like the circle vents on the side and some of the lines/curves throughout the entire console.

  5. My Focus SEL's MSRP was $24,000. Luckily it was one year old low mileage rental before it was mine. Those Toyorhons are crazy though.

  6. Not liking the stacked horizontal 'fin' treatment on the lower front end (underneath the headlights). And now the Toyota 86 (formerly the Scion FR-S) has it too. Looks like Toyota is applying this to lots of models. I'm not a fan.

  7. I cannot believe I'm saying this, but Toyota has done a few decent looking front-ends lately. I mean, it's still a little bit weird, but i like those slim, pointy headlights and swoopy nostrils.

  8. civic is a fat jumbled mess, corolla is weakly styled, has a tinny look and seems quite smallish. The new restyled Nissan Sentra however, has it's Maxima Big brother good looks, and better genes ( 370z,GTR,Maxima,Murano)…Sentra wins in my book!

  9. seems toyota and honda are grabbing at straws for design. Btw, anyone associating Volume sales with quality, should re-visit the stats. Most top volume product is junk……

  10. i rented a 2015 Corolla and was surprised at how cheap this cars interior is, it rode roughly and was noisy. shocking. i have rented low end fords and had a better experience, for what that's worth.

  11. as a Multiple line dealer and a Nissan Dealer, we are somewhat pleased when the competition brings out vehicles that will make our job easier. We are extremely pleased having some of the best products we have ever had on our showroom floors currently. However, Nissan dealers across North America are extremely disgruntled with Nissan Motor Corp, as is written In Jim Ziegler's recent article "The Empire Strikes Back"

    Nissan builds some of the best cars trucks and suvs out there, but being a multiple franchise dealer, they are by far the absolute worst company to deal with, squeezing their dealers to unattainable levels and in the process allowing no room for profit.

  12. Anonymous 6:47, sorry to burst your bubble. I'm a Nissan fan, I've had two Pathfinders before and my last buy was between a 2015 Maxima or 2015 Hyundai Genesis (Genesis won and I love it). Two weeks ago I rented a 2016 Sentra, not a good experience, noisy, the interior was extremely cheap and the thing drove like a washing machine. It was a rental so of course it was the basic model, but I've rented cars like a Chevy Cruze and Ford Focus and they felt way better than that Sentra.

  13. Ok Dumbkopf, at 7:38 LOL, You sell Hyundais, thats apparent, no one, i mean no one in their right mind would buy any Hyundai over any Nissan especially the Maxima, please talk reality here….what a joker, you at least, were good for a small laugh…..

  14. March 30, 2016 at 11:34

    I will not buy a Hyundai any time soon, but, um, CR rates the Genesis higher than the Maxima. But, who cares about CR. Right?

  15. That's right dumbkopf

    Ok racer Derkoff boy. We believe you, just relax and take deep breaths. You will not feel a thing.

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