Audi Q2 on the road.

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Looking… cute.

Actually a surprising design for Audi. I think.
As it does have a few original lines here and there.
So maybe the next Q5 won’t be as much of a disaster as the Q7?

Too bad (Or too late) for the new A5. Which, on all spy shots, already looks as boring/terrible as the new A4…

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  1. I don't understand that horrible large, windowless D-pillar. At least it doesn't look as bad in this color. I like everything else about this though.

  2. I appreciate the fact that Audi has finally dared to do something different instead of their usual scaled photocopy, but comparing the design of this car to the pics of the Toyota C-HR you posted the day before, there is just no shred of doubt in my mind of which one I would go for if I was looking to buy a small SUV. I guess they're meant for different audiences, and I am definitely in the Toyota camp here.

  3. dodge journey anyone? wtf is going on here, German companies, except Mercedes seem very lost right now. Angela Merkel, step in and make a new law that German cars need to look somewhat respectable and presentable…

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