Chevrolet Suburban test drive coming up.

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I am driving a Suburban for a week. So feel free to ask me anything about it.

So far:

-It’s huge. No surprises there. But too big for many parking spaces. Which really sucks.
(Almost missed the local Happy Hour last night looking for a big enough spot…)
-Apple Car Play still doesn’t work right. About 50% of the time.
-5.3Liter V8 is smoother and quieter than the larger 6.2Liter in the Yukon.
-Still big enough to sleep in (Camping trip coming up)

So there…

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  1. I rented one of these last week (well, a Tahoe) and I totally get the appeal of these beasts. They ride just as good as my 2013 Range Rover. Better in fact, because there were no squeaks and rattles in the Tahoe. It had a lane departure alert that vibrated your right or left butt cheek depending on which side of the road you were drifting towards. They are absurdly large for carrying one or two people, but the mileage was surprisingly good on the highway because of the cylinder deactivation. Way way better than my Range Rover. As decent as this truck is, I would never own a Chevy. The one thing that I was disappointed was that some of the switchgear wasn't up to par with even the cheapest Hyundais. For instance, the power close for the trunk is a un-lit rubber thing that I didn't even notice until the second day. The key fob was laughably outdated. Perhaps if Cadillac built a less horsey looking Escalade with a better switchgear and finishes, I would consider that. GM still needs to work on the details that they think you won't notice. People do notice.

  2. Have you experienced headaches? (Serious question. Google it.) And for the love of God, why is it so difficult to confirm I'm not a robot?

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