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Quite a shocker. I am not sure what to say.
At forst, I hate it. Especially the horrible new Lincoln grille.
They finally got it right on the MKX and they ruined it with the Continental and revised MKZ.

On second thought, I really like the simplicity of the whole design. (Still hate the grille)
It is actually very retro. And.. Very “Lincoln”.
Especially inside. The super simple retro futuristic interior is great.
And look at that cool steering wheel!

Not sure what will stay for the production model we’ll see next year. (You can bet the crazy doors won’t make it)
At least it’s interesting.
Too bad that horrific grille ruins everything it’s put on…

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  1. It's like buying a Range Rover from the outlet mall!

    Looks similar at first glance, until you realize that every detail is slightly worse.

    I would love to live in a world where this knock-off doesn't fool anybody, but it probably will. At least it's nicer looking than the Escalade/Yukon Denali twins.

  2. Believe it or not, this is actually a pretty great, clean design! I hope it shakes up the Escalade game!

  3. Not surprising at all, given the Range Rover influence on the current Explorer. I've been saying for years Ford just needs to own the fact that they are copying the design cues, and they will sell a ton (Aston Matrin grille on Fusion). Looks like they are doing just that now.

    I also have been saying that they should ditch the Edge, shorten the Explorer to 5 seats, float the roof….and viola, bring back the "Explorer Sport" name. That would also sell like crazy, with low development costs.

    All in all, I am pleased with this design, and think it shows potential for the future of the Navigator. So I guess now we will have a the Lincoln Flying Spur and the Lincoln Range Rover. Any pics on which model will be next?

  4. Obvious that the same FORD Designers who created the current line of Range Rovers & Land Rovers (which was, until recently, a division of Ford) had influence on this design. But I like this better than anything currently available from either Ford or Land Rover. Especially love that bitermeyer-classic Bently-esc grill !!!

  5. imagine the group of people wheeling this into the show, they had to be snickering and holding back laughter.

  6. literally anything would be better than the current dorkmobile. this is not awful. Yet, in some ways, it does feel awful. Those wheels, for one, are gross. It's really the whole category that sucks, though. Given that perverse context, this … could be worse?

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