Malibu Hybrid; 47MPG (46HWY)

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A pretty amazing figure for quite a large car.
It uses a version of the Volt power train, with a larger 1.8 Liter engine. And obviously, no pure EV mode.
Although, apparently, it can still reach 50MPH before the engine starts. (With a very light foot I bet)

That compares very well to its competition:
– Fusion Hybrid: 44/41
-Sonata Hybrid: 40/44

The Hybrid starts at $27 770. Not such a good deal when compared to the other choices:

-Fusion Hybrid: $25 675
-Sonata Hybrid: $26 000.

And it is also about $3800 more than the “regular” Malibu LT.
Which gets 24/34MPG. So again, you’ll have to save over $3800 to make it worth it…

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  1. $3800 more kills it for most buyers. Also, with gas being cheap now, most are going to look at an SUV before a sedan.

  2. Just came back from a short trip and averaged 45 MPG in my Sonata Eco. (That's the $25-$28k loaded turbo Sonata — NOT the Hybrid.) Glad I didn't wait for the new Malibu.

  3. Good on GM. GREAT looking car in person, amazing fuel economy. They have a winner.

    Pundits of the 'cheap fuel why buy a hybrid'; 2 things:
    – You know, when fuel is cheap, it's cheaper to fill a hybrid / operate a hybrid as well, right??
    – Cheap fuel is one hurricane, one lunatic doing something stupid away from $100 per barrel. Enjoy it while it lasts – history dictates it's short lived.

  4. scott, u make no sense and u seem to think u are of some intelligence. GM are the same company that allowed people to die instead if changing a $2 switch, watch out who you publicly back up…..u could look like an idiot of the highest order….

  5. I fail to see how complimenting a car on it's looks – then referencing Hybrids in general has anything to do with the ignition thing.

    Auto industry is LITTERED with bad decisions made in the name of cost. I'm not defending it (again, not sure where you got this implication from this post)…however
    – Ford Pinto – explosive b/c of no tank liner
    – Toyota acceleration stuff – dangerous b/c of a faulty part
    – Audi acceleration stuff – dangerous b/c of a faulty part
    – VW / diesel gate

    Those are just the ones off the top of my head.

    So, lets stick to the topic at hand; good looking car, good fuel economy. Straying from those points on this post could make you look like an idiot of the highest order.

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