Maserati Levante.

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I almost forgot about this.
What a disappointment that thing is… It’s really not worthy of such e legendary name.
Clumsy and heavy. It really seems to bring nothing to the table.

I mean, the Cayenne still looks 10 times better than this. And an all new one is coming out soon.
And the starting price is rumored to be around $72 000 in the US.
More than the Porsche.


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  1. And of course it has portholes. In 2016, for a "luxury" nameplate to continue this cheap styling pimple is laughable. Aside from an attractive grille/light design on the otherwise messy front end, there really isn't a sexy line anywhere on the exterior. The interior is boring and unoriginal. In a way, Maserati is like Lincoln. Nostalgia keeps it going. But all the cars that people really covet are from several generations ago.

  2. Really? Saw it live in Geneva and it's stunning. The Cayenne does not even seems to be part of the same segment…

  3. I prefer this to the Cayenne myself. Not as elegant and muscular as the new Jaguar F pace but I think it will do alright, probably will boost Maserstis profits past anything they've seen.

  4. The wheelwells are where they lose me.. the circular cutlines halfway between the fender flare and the actual wheelwell opening look like an accidental afterthought, as if they didn't realize the actual wheels and tires wouldn't fit inside the concept wheelwells and they had to insert something to reduce the gap. Maybe if they painted the inner half black it wouldn't be so noticeable.. and would make the car look a lot less bottom-heavy.

  5. ladies and gentlemen of the press, I believe it is time to announce that Sergio Marchionne should quit!!!!

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